1:42:04 PM Man of the Match : Nandlal T Chhanga 56 (42) & 4/15

1:38:20 PM Result: Gurukrupa Ratnal A won the match by 9 wickets with 7 overs remaining and is now the champion  of Ahir Premier League Season 5. Gurukrupa Ratnal A 110/1 after 13 overs.

1:29:05 PM Fifty for Nandlal T Chhanga in just 37 balls including 7 fours, five back-to-back boundaries in 11th over and Ratnal need just 22 runs in 54 balls.

1:22:38 PM Gurukrupa Ratnal A 67/0 after 10 over, requires another 42 runs in 60 balls at 4.2 runs per over, Ratnal have full control of the game with all 10 wickets remaining and just 42 runs needed to win APL 5.

1:09:16 PM Gurukrupa Ratnal A 46/0 after 7 over, both openers looking comfortable at the moment, Nandlal T Chhanga 20(19) and  Nandlal K Ahir 18(21).

12:55:29 PM Excellent start by Ratnal 31/0 after 4 over, Antarjal needs to take wickets to win this match, Ratnal needs 78 runs of 95 balls.

12:30:32 PM Gurukrupa Ratnal A is ready for the chase both openers Nandlal T Chhanga and Nandlal K Ahir at the crease, Pravin Bava will start with bowl.

12:18:46 PM Innings Break: Shambhu Antarjal allout for 108, despite a good start they lost control of the game once Nandlal T was introduced to the attack, Pravin Mayatra 21(26) and Akshay Ahir 20(22) played sensibly and took his team to the respectable total, now they need to bowl well against top-class batting lineup.

12:15:38 PM That's it, Antarjal all-out on last ball of the inning, excellent bowling performance from Ratnal, Nandlal T Ahir was excellent bowling figure for him 4/15 including one maiden over.

12:11:02 PM 100 comes up for Antarjal, Akshay and Pravin helped Antarjal to post respectable total in final, last over to bowl, Antarjal 102/7 after 19 overs.

11:53:51 AM Shambhu Antarjal 73/7 after 15 overs, last five overs to go. Pravin Mayatra 5(9) and Akshay Ahir 9(12) are at the crease.

11:38:41 AM Three wickets in a row, but It's not Hat-trick for Nandlal, the last man dismissed is run out by Dipak K Ahir 0(1). Shambhu Antarjal 61/6 after 11.5 overs. Antarjal in deep trouble after a very good start. 3 wickets and a maiden over by Nandal T Ahir, game-changing over.

11:35:21 AM Nandlal T Chhanga on Hat-trick,  two wickets in two balls of his spell.

11:26:25 AM An eventful over from Nandlal K Ahir comes to an end, good come back by Nandlal after conceding two sixes in a row and then taking the wicket of Bharat Mayatra. Shambhu Antatjal 57/3 after 10 overs, last wicket Bharat Mayatra c. Nandlal K Ahir b. Nandlal K Ahir 21 (15).

11:17:55 AM Just 1 run of Nandlal K Ahir's over, Shambhu Antarjal 41/2 after 8 over, Bharat Mayatra 8(8) and Gopal Ahir 1(6).

11:05:02 Shambhu Antrajal 34/1 after 6 overs, powerplay ended.

11:00:05 AM Wicket! The first wicket for Ratnal, Trikam provides the first breakthrough, Mukesh Mayatra bold by Trikam D Ahir at 11 of 13 balls, Shambhu Antarjal 22/1 after 4 overs. Bharat Mayatra is next batsman.

10:56:21 AM Shambhu Antarjal 18/0 (3), good start by both openers.

10:44:14 AM Both the openers of Shambhu Antarjal at the crease, Rajesh Mayatra and Mukesh Mayatra, Trikam V Ahir will open the bowling for Ratnal.

10:35:59 AM Playing XI

  • Gurukrupa Ratnal A :  Trikam V Ahir, Nandala T Chhanga, Radhe T Ahir, Nandlal V Ahir, Trikam D Ahir, Dipal K Ahir, Jagdish T Ahir, Shambhu K Ahir, Nandlal R Ahir and Nandlal K Ahir 
  • Shambhu Antarjal : Mukesh Mayatra, Rajesh Mayatra, Bharat Mayatra, Pravin Mayatra, Ashawin Agariya, Pravin Bava, Dharamshi Agariya, Manji Bava, Akshay Ahir, Ramji Ahir and Gopal Ahir.

10:32:33 Toss : Shambhu Antarjal won the toss and choose to bat first.

It's Final of Ahir Premier League 5 organized by Ratnal Sports Club. One of the toughest tournament in the region and most popular tournament of Kutch. Amazing experience to play on turf wicket with international rules and regulations, very neat and clean organized, no controversy throughout the tournament, that's an amazing, true spirit of cricket displayed by Ratnal Sports Club and Ahir Community Teams.

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