Lakhapar Cricket Club organized Hindu Premier League night cricket tournament is proceeding towards Final phase. Parth Lakhapar and Krishna Dhaneti are the two finalist teams.

What a tournament this has been... It's record-breaking if you look at the tournament stats. The tournament was started with 64 teams participating in, and defeating all the obstacles on the way Parth Lakhapar and Krishna Dhaneti made way to the Final. The best among the both will lift the Trophy but Cricket Spirit of Lakhapar Cricket Club will win for sure. Well organized and dedicated organizers made it the grand successful tournament. It's a knockout tournament you won't get another chance here, you need be 100% sure on you the game plan, and both the teams have done it quite nicely till now.

Let's have look how both teams reached to Final.

Parth Lakhapar

  • Match # 1 - wins by 6 wickets against Om Anjar.
  • Match # 34 - wins by 126 runs against Morning Tappar.
  • Match # 54 - wins by 12 runs against Ashapura Dudhai.
  • Match # 58 - wins by 99 runs against Om Chandroda.
  • Match # 62 (Semi Final) - wins by 8 wickets against Bajrang Antarjal.

 Krishna Dhaneti

  • Match # 30 - wins by 30 runs against Muralidhar Kadol.
  • Match # 48 - wins by 48 runs against Krishna Kotda.
  • Match # 56 - wins by 12 runs against LVC Mamuaara.
  • Match # 59  - wins by 10 wickets against Vishwas Tappar.
  • Match # 61 (Semi Final) - wins by 18 runs against Ahir Kidana.


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